3 Shades of Ripe Papaya Salad

If you’re feeling the whoosh of Santa’s sleigh, the neigh of reindeers howling in the still night, and polar bears giddily rolling about while drinking Coca-Cola, then papaya can’t be too far off your mind…right?  That’s why I’m here, to bring you the tropical experience even if you are facing a sheer wall of snow and unduly short days.  Mucking about in my neighbor’s backyard recently, I rankled several papayas from their relatively tall tree.  They were all green on the outside, but when I opened them up I realized they were varying degrees of pink. Continue reading “3 Shades of Ripe Papaya Salad”


Hear the Kale King Roar!

Dear Poetry Professor,

When you cut me off today and tried to skip my turn to share my poetic art piece, it fucking hurt. You perceived a slight from reactive pride, and in trying to protect yourself overreached and slighted me. “Of course you brought a stick,” yes, indeed, and you couldn’t appreciate the beauty and significance of a simple stick, yet you were like an overeager mother fawning over the other students’ cardboard art projects. You realize these are just artificially reconstituted versions of the stick I brought in? Continue reading “Hear the Kale King Roar!”

The Garden Won’t Fail, So Set the Mesa

The backstory for this poem stems from the industrial backdrop of the photo below.  Not that industrial is evil.  It is just suffocating the tropical permaculture garden we’ve planted on campus at UMiami.  There’s a reflective metallic container just to the right of the big gravel heap, in the far back of the photo.  That’s where the hose and water pump are.  The contracted company hired by UM to build a road through campus excavated the ground between the garden and water pump.  They’ve cut out the pipe feeding water to the irrigation system for not only the garden, but the arboretum here as well.

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Two Unprecedented Recipes

With the arrival of a pound of cricket powder and pristine Floridian summer weather, I’ve whipped together some strange masterpieces in the kitchen.  The days stream by as the warm, delicate sunlight dapples the planet with a persistent reminder of hope.  Even amongst all the chaos, both internal and external, a warm patch of grass and stray meandering cloud are never absent from your potential experience.  And if you have a tropical climate, buzzing garden, and free time then I invite you into the kitchen to get it popping.

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ECHO Farm Field Trip

After a long drive through the endless industrial warehouses, outlet malls, and grassy swamplands, our small UMiami field trip crew arrived at our destination: ECHO demonstration farm in Fort Myers, Florida.  According to its site, “ECHO is an information hub for development practitioners around the world. We gather solutions from around the world that are solving hunger problems and disseminate them to our active network. Continue reading “ECHO Farm Field Trip”

Tropical Permaculture Garden

Our International Studies class here at the University of Miami has lovingly labored to establish a perennial tropical garden that is now thriving.  I’ve waited for a while to post about this project since the garden is just popping off.  But at this point I’m ready to reveal the steps we went through to set it up and enjoy such vibrant results.

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