My Favorite Curry

This post is dedicated to a dish that fuses spices, cultures, heat, and time into perhaps the greatest dish I’ve ever tasted.  I would eat this every week, ritualistically, if it wasn’t so confusing for my gut to digest a dozen different spices and thick, complex sauce dappled with starch and sugar.  Therefore, I’ve modified the recipe a bit for my liking (us children of the ubiquitous house salad and mashed potatoes).

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I’m Swinging Like Tarzan Pro-GMO

After this homework assignment, I’m leaning pro-GMO.  We need to differentiate between GMO and Monsanto, rather than heap our fear and loathing on a believed-to-be potentially carcinogenic (not proven) technique which, in reality, is not solely controlled by agribusiness.  Millions of potential cases of starvation and malnutrition have been prevented with new crops such as the “Golden Banana” or flood-resistant rice.  In these instances, human ingenuity and manipulation are creating rejuvenating relationships between people and the Earth.  Celebi is happy.

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From the Fiery Belly of the Small-Scale Organic Farm

I am frustrated by the lack of nutritious, non-destructive foods in our pantry on the farm. There is a contingency that negatively affects the environment and/or ourselves in each product we have stored away from the grocery store, while we peer over fields of naturally occurring nutritious abundance.

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Humans as Pollinators

We like to think of ourselves as humble (or omnipotent) stewards of the Earth.  We like to believe that we are the most powerful force in nature.  That plants grow because we will them to.  In fact, our will contributes significantly to our ability to produce huge amounts of staple foods, animal products, and even organic vegetables.  Our mighty plow churns through the soil, our hands wrangle the uninvited weeds, and lo and behold, the seeds we painstakingly nurture in plastic houses set root and flourish in our fields.

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