Growing Microgreens as Medicine

Task: Grow your own microgreens, no boogie restaurant reservation required:

  1. Use a seed tray and spread a layer of potting soil 1 cm thick flat on its bottom
  2. Spread several handfuls of microgreen seeds over the soil
  3. Water evenly so that the soil is just moist and cover with another tray
  4. Remove top tray after 24 hours (until seeds have sprouted) Continue reading “Growing Microgreens as Medicine”

Update on the Neighbor’s Garden

It’s been several months since I planted the first hopeful round of seedlings in the limestone-ridden backyard of my neighbors, down the street from my apartment.  I haven’t done anything too fancy, besides trellis the tomatoes on random straight objects (including a golf flag) and give them a water every day or two.  Continue reading “Update on the Neighbor’s Garden”

Tropical Permaculture Garden

Our International Studies class here at the University of Miami has lovingly labored to establish a perennial tropical garden that is now thriving.  I’ve waited for a while to post about this project since the garden is just popping off.  But at this point I’m ready to reveal the steps we went through to set it up and enjoy such vibrant results.

Continue reading “Tropical Permaculture Garden”