More Tempeh Experimentos

Hello worthy Internet forager.

I’m still on this prolonged phase of exploring the realm of moldy beans.  Tempeh just feels so ripe at this time on Earth, when we’re growing more and more confused about what we’re supposed to be doing/eating on this planet.

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My Favorite Curry

This post is dedicated to a dish that fuses spices, cultures, heat, and time into perhaps the greatest dish I’ve ever tasted.  I would eat this every week, ritualistically, if it wasn’t so confusing for my gut to digest a dozen different spices and thick, complex sauce dappled with starch and sugar.  Therefore, I’ve modified the recipe a bit for my liking (us children of the ubiquitous house salad and mashed potatoes).

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Tempeh Tinkering

I am becoming a man free from the man, namely “Cultures for Health” and Amazon.  That’s right, I’m extending that black fuzz on the other aged tempeh batch into batches on batches.  We’ll see how many generations in I can get, but it felt fucking amazing to start a fungal lineage.   And not like the fungus feeding off poor dietary decisions on my back (TMI).  I included more info about the temperature of the process below, cuz this shit is science.

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