Tenderly Care for the Earth, Bro!

Gardening, bro.  Hmm, why does that seem ironic?  This is a glimpse into the masculine ideal that we are collectively entrenched in.  In that conception of being a man, bro, gangster, boss, or whatever one calls it, tenderly caring for the Earth doesn’t contribute to one’s social status.  Getting your macros, obvi, but ensuring that those calories were harvested in an environmentally conscious way?  Scoff.  Flex.

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Growing Microgreens as Medicine

Task: Grow your own microgreens, no boogie restaurant reservation required:

  1. Use a seed tray and spread a layer of potting soil 1 cm thick flat on its bottom
  2. Spread several handfuls of microgreen seeds over the soil
  3. Water evenly so that the soil is just moist and cover with another tray
  4. Remove top tray after 24 hours (until seeds have sprouted) Continue reading “Growing Microgreens as Medicine”

5 Dishes, 5 Ecosystems

Chef Louis Robinson, owner of the pop-up restaurant “Spice” of Sarasota Florida recently came to Miami to host a vegan 5-course nature-themed experimental dinner.  This is my first exposure to artistic cooking, besides visually consuming the baby-plated flurries of creativity on “Chef’s Table”.  Just to explain, a pop-up restaurant is one that has no shop or set location but is rather the manifestation of the chef’s creativity wherever he is invited.  And I’d say that artistic cooking is the creation of dishes that are meant to express more than just flavor but an idea or sentiment that invites the mind and heart into the experience of the meal. Continue reading “5 Dishes, 5 Ecosystems”

Slow Food Miami

Tonight, I had the honor of attending a Slow Food Miami gathering where I was able to explore the organization and meet locals interested in the local food environment.  It was hosted by prominent local chef Allen Susser who presented a simple home-grown vegetable and dip buffet with various dishes appearing throughout the night.  There was even basil pineapple ice cream, though a part of me longed for the good old days of mint chocolate chip.  I met several interesting people involved in the local growing scene, including the Worm Whisperer (whom we have not seen the last of on this journey) and Gabe of Seasons Farm Fresh, a distributer of local and Latin American fruit.  Both shared their own perspective and insights into the local Miami food system, which I’ll share in future blog posts. Continue reading “Slow Food Miami”

Farmer’s Market No. 1: Pinecrest

It was my first day back in Miami from the frost-ridden realm of New Jersey, and you know where this big boy was heading: straight for the local veggies at the farmer’s market.  Sundays are a time for eggplants, Jesus, and empanadas.  Therefore, I gathered my Apple (of Eden) bag and set forth to the Pinecrest Farmer’s Market to taste the fruits forbidden by the centralized, nationally-dispersed food system.   Continue reading “Farmer’s Market No. 1: Pinecrest”


I’ve been lost as to what to post here.  The momentum of this blog has been fermented food: tempeh, kraut, nut cheese.  However, I’ve come to an increasingly firm belief that I have some sort of intolerance to fermented and aged foods.  The histamine triggers a range of symptoms that agitate my physical being.  Perhaps it’s my overemphasis of fermented foods that have led to this maladaption.  Also, it gives me pause as I reflect on all the diet gurus on the Internet that claim dogmatically to have the answer.  For example, I became briefly obsessed with Matthew Kenney, a celebrity raw vegan chef.  In raw veganism, the food is never heated above 104-120˚F.  Continue reading “Resetting”

3 Shades of Ripe Papaya Salad

If you’re feeling the whoosh of Santa’s sleigh, the neigh of reindeers howling in the still night, and polar bears giddily rolling about while drinking Coca-Cola, then papaya can’t be too far off your mind…right?  That’s why I’m here, to bring you the tropical experience even if you are facing a sheer wall of snow and unduly short days.  Mucking about in my neighbor’s backyard recently, I rankled several papayas from their relatively tall tree.  They were all green on the outside, but when I opened them up I realized they were varying degrees of pink. Continue reading “3 Shades of Ripe Papaya Salad”